Warning Your Customers About Summertime Water Pump Failure

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By Carter®

Summer is the right time to remind your customers to watch for warning signs of a failing water pump.

As you know, extreme summer temperatures and added strain on the vehicle from things like long road trips can cause engines to become more susceptible to troubles from excessive heat, making the function of the water pump even more critical.

Share Your Knowledge with Your Customers

Many of your customers won’t have your experience and expertise when it comes to understanding their vehicle’s water pump. Help them stay ahead of problems within their cooling system by telling them to watch for specific symptoms caused by a failing water pump:

  • A whirring or whining noise
  • Visible staining on the pump itself
  • Higher than normal engine temperature
  • Noticeable coolant smell inside the vehicle
  • Coolant pooling on the ground under the engine

Helping your customers understand that any of these problems will disrupt coolant flow and increase the risk of overheating or other cooling system component damage will enable them to be more proactive with vehicle maintenance. In that regard, you can confidently take care of your customers by using a Carter® water pump that features an application-specific design with original equipment-quality components and performance they can trust.

Rely on Quality to Keep the Engine Cool

To keep engine coolant flowing at optimal rates and to eliminate the risk of additional heat-related problems, your customers need a water pump with a direct fit and unsurpassed quality.

Carter Engineered Quality® water pumps are designed to meet or exceed all OE specifications and are available in application-specific designs for a perfect fit and correct operation in any vehicle. Each Carter® water pump is 100% factory-tested, supplied with all necessary components for installation and engineered to meet the rapidly changing demands of today’s high-temperature engines.

Since 1909, Carter® has been an industry leader and premier manufacturer of fuel pumps, water pumps, assemblies and accessories, and are backed by a lifetime limited warranty for additional peace of mind. See the full line of products at carterengineered.com


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