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Pails are the Latest Solution to Help Shops Manage Inventory

As motor oil grades and specifications develop and evolve, workshops and garages must adapt and pivot to meet those changes. To meet the needs of the changing cars on the road, workshops and garages require several different grades of oil on hand where only a couple would have sufficed in the past. When combined with the need to be leaner and more flexible for today’s environment, Wakefield Canada has developed a new solution; offering Castrol EDGE, Castrol GTX MAGNATEC, and Castrol Transmax Full-Synthetic Multi-Vehicle in convenient 18.9 litre pails, along with a unique and efficient way to dispense the fluid from the pails.

Shops can now stock pails of seven motor oils and a transmission fluid with ease, to service over 80% of Canadian vehicles. “Workshops need to be competitive and efficient to make a profit, especially with all the challenges this year has brought,” says Shannon Spano, Vice President, Sales at Wakefield Canada. “We have adapted our product offering to include pails to help our customers store, manage and dispense their inventory more effectively.” 

The innovative pail solution includes reusable dispensing spigots for smooth extraction of fluid for a clean, fast, consistent flow. Once used and emptied, pails can be put directly into recycling for easy disposal or can always be reused for other shop purposes like holding floor-dry or antifreeze. Wakefield is also offering a proprietary pail rack that hosts six (6) pails and six (6) jugs, for efficient hands-free pouring. Engineered for mobility, the pail rack wheels allow for easy movement and repositioning, with or without a full load.

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The combination of pails and rack are designed to efficiently manage motor oil inventory, enhance productivity, and increase profit margins. “It means our customers can order the right product and the right pack sizes for their specific customers” continues Spano.  “That means they can optimize their business and maximize their profit.”

Like other Wakefield Business Solutions such as Think Tank and Wakefield Oil Genius, the Wakefield Pail Rack is aimed at enabling shop owners to run their business more efficiently and effectively.

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To get more information on the new automotive pail offer, Automotive Service Providers can contact their local Wakefield Territory Sales Manager.

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