Unlock more ride control opportunities

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QBA offers an alternative ride control brand with the quality and pricing you and your customers need.


Automotive aftermarket professionals know that ride control is a critical component in the safe operation of a vehicle, affecting handling and braking performance. But the cost of replacement can still be a barrier for some customers.

“I know from my experience that if you only offer a premium-priced product, you turn away a lot of ride control business,” says aftermarket veteran Bob Bean, sales and marketing for QBAutomotive. “Offering your customer a choice helps them make a positive decision.”

QBA Unlock more ride control opportunities
QBA Strut Assemblies

QBAutomotive offers a number of viable options to help you unlock ride control opportunities and return customer vehicles to safe operation.

Now offering 1,000 SKUs with applications from the 1990s to 2019, QBA has continually expanded its coverage and offerings since it was founded more than five years ago.

 Today, QBA offers:

  • Strut Assemblies
  • Shock Absorbers
  • A Ride Control Dual Pack
  • Air Suspension Units
QBA Unlock more ride control opportunities Dual Pack
QBA Dual Pack

The innovative Dual Pack provides aftermarket professionals with an additional option to help them recommend replacing ride control in pairs.

“The key is getting the vehicles back into the proper ride control. A properly operating suspension keeps the contact with the road, and that helps handling and braking capabilities too,” says Lee Ding, president.

“We see the air suspension market growing, and we’ve made a strong investment in that. We’re coming in with a product that is about a quarter of the OE cost, but the bladder is still premium material, the damping matches OE, and we have warranties from three years to lifetime depending on the group.”

QBA Unlock more ride control opportunities Air Suspension
QBA Air Suspension


Extensive lab test results put QBA product on a par with OE and leading aftermarket brands. Also, months of gruelling use by a taxi fleet showed that the product is up to Canadian conditions.

“So the product itself stood up exceptionally well, especially in cold weather and salt and all the other things we typically have in Canada,” says Bean.

“We focused on ensuring the damping capability was equal to or greater than OE and other brands. We also focused on ride height as a key factor, plus ensuring the mounts were robust and able to dampen the road noise, with the least amount of bearing friction.”

It has all combined to deliver a QBA product that enjoys a very low warranty rate in the marketplace.

“The beauty of the QBA product is that we can offer it at lesser cost, so you don’t lose those sales as often because now you can offer that customer a quality, reliable option.”

QBA Unlock more ride control opportunities

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