Uni-Select Bumper to Bumper Auto Service

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Bumper to Bumper Auto Service is an exclusive banner program offer to the most successful automotive service providers across the country, selected to join a Program that will offer ASPs the support to compete with the greatest players in Canada.  

We are more than “just another” brand in the auto-service market, we are the 1st collective born out of car people’s desire to join forces providing superior service to our customers and their vehicles.

We’re built on strong values.


What does trust truly mean?  Trust is about thinking long term. Trust is about putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. It means installing a part on their vehicle and being able to look them in the eye afterwards. It means telling it like it is and having nothing to hide.


Our passion for cars and knowledge of mechanics is second‑to‑none. The technicians in our network seen it all and driven it all.

Every new customer represents a new challenge, but most of all, a new opportunity to make them love their cars even more than before.

Attention to Detail

Our people are known for their attention to details.  After all, even the little things can help keep your customer happy: filling the windshield washer fluid, using mats to keep the car clean. A great customer experience makes the difference.

Human Touch

One of our strongest values is our human touch. We’re not just dealing with rubber and steel, we are also dealing with people. We believe a little humanity goes a long way.

We are the fastest growing national brand supported by the strongest network in Canada. We provide the ASPs the tools and support to drive success, insure customer satisfaction, and be a part of the local community. Because being a Bumper to Bumper Auto Service is keeping a Local Identity while gaining National Recognition.

Make the move, become a Bumper to Bumper Auto Service provider. 

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