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Made-in-Canada Solutions and Castrol Engineering
that Build Customer Loyalty and Profit


Wakefield is a Canadian-Owned Business that understands the importance of being agile, adaptable, and responsive.

Wakefield’s brand portfolio includes Castrol premium lubricants as its cornerstone brand and business, along with Wakefield branded lubricants and SuperClean, a line of cleaners and degreasers.

Wakefield Business Solutions provide industry-leading programs, products and solutions that keep Automotive Service Providers running smoothly, help them to better understand their market, and make more margin.

Simplify The Complex

Pail Solutions for the Automotive Aftermarket

Offering Automotive Service Providers a solution to simplify their inventory in an increasingly complex category, Wakefield Canada offers Castrol EDGE, Castrol GTX MAGNATEC, and Castrol Transmax Full-Synthetic Multi-Vehicle in convenient easy-to-recycle 20 litre pails, along with a unique and efficient way to dispense the fluid from the pails.

Wakefield’s innovative Pail Rack holds six pails and six jugs, for efficient hands-free pouring. Engineered for mobility, the pail rack wheels allow for easy movement and repositioning, with or without a full load.

And, because the pails can be reused around the shop, stacked efficiently, or simply recycled without the expensive environmental handling fees of a “bag in a box” from other suppliers, it can simplify your business in more ways than one: simplify motor oil inventory, enhance productivity, and increase profit margins. 

Simplify Your Bulk Oil

Think Tank

Think Tank is an exclusive Wakefield advantage that manages Automotive Service Providers’ bulk inventory.

Think Tank is a revolutionary intelligent inventory control system that uses wireless technology to constantly monitor bulk oil supply levels–24 hours a day, 7 days a week–and automatically orders new Castrol product, avoiding untimely and costly shortages and emergency deliveries.

Think Tank uses a secure online transfer system that stores and sends real-time data to the Automotive Service Provider and to Wakefield. Wakefield analyzes the data and delivers oil when needed.

Simplify Your Market

Wakefield Oil Genius is an exclusive, powerful data tool that produces a vehicle popularity list grouped by vehicle age for an Automotive Service Provider’s local market, adds in key income and age demographics, and then matches the market needs with the best Castrol product selection for that ASP.

Using Oil Genius, the ASP works with the Wakefield Territory Sales manager to create a comprehensive report: of applicable Castrol products and quantities based on numbers of cars, crankcase capacity, and percentage vehicles covered by Castrol products.

It’s a Genuis solution for ASPs to understand their market, and make right choices for their business.

Elevate your Quick Lube

Become a Castrol Premium Lube Express

Automotive Service Providers can elevate their quick lube business with Castrol Premium Lube Express.

No franchise fees. Exclusive start-up funding. Flexible contracts.

With Canada’s number 1 brand of oil products, and tools developed to make every Automotive Service Providers’ job easier, transitioning into a Castrol Premium Lube Express is the winning decision.

Flexible programs are designed to fit every Automotive Service Provider’s quick lube strategy and succeed in their market.

Simplify Your Training and Purchasing

Wakefield Connect is an exclusive program that offers best in class online training and now ecommerce capabilities to accept orders 24/7!

Wakefield Connect is designed to help you build your business, get a superior understanding of Castrol motor oil products, stay on top of automotive trends, and learn how to best serve your customers’ needs.

By registering into Wakefield Connect, you’ll have access to interesting and concise learning guides designed to help you become a motor oil expert. Plus, we also offer a number of exciting promotions and prizes just for choosing and selling Castrol oil.

Plus, easy online ordering, 24/7.

All at

Simplify Your Coverage

EXCLUSIVE NEW Multi-Application Castrol Products

Castrol Transmax ATF/CVT Universal

Castrol® Transmax® ATF/CVT Universal covers 95% of the traditional stepped automatic transmissions and Continuously Variable Transmissions currently in use in a single technologically advanced, full synthetic formulation.

Castrol® Transmax® ATF/CVT Universal is formulated with Smooth Drive Technology™, which features active control molecules that automatically adjust their friction level under changing pressures and speed – delivering a smoother drive for longer.

Designed to deliver excellent performance over its broad vehicle application coverage improves ASP efficiency and inventory management.

Castrol EDGE Euro Car K

Castrol EDGE Euro Car 5W-30 K combines the specs of 3 products (5W-30 C3, 5W-30 LL and 5W-30 M) into one engine oil, simplifying inventory while providing maximum performance and protection; 40% better performance against ACEA oil standards.

Castrol EDGE Euro Car K formula has been optimized to meet the stringent requirements of the European Automobile Manufacturers Association or ACEA oil sequences, and multiple automaker specifications, all in one.

Because Castrol EDGE Euro Car K engine oils meet multiple specifications, it streamlines inventory and helps ensure you always have the right engine oil that customers need.

For more information on Wakefield Business Solutions, contact your Wakefield Canada Territory Sales Manager or reach out to us at:

1 800 268-5339


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