QBAutomotive adds more air suspension units

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(SPONSORED POST) QBAutomotive , a Canadian source and leader in aftermarket ride control suspension products, has recently added 10 additional Air Suspension units to its already vast coverage.

  • 1501320 Rear Air Spring 2014-17 BMW X5, X6
  • 1507820 Rear Air Spring 2007-14 BMW X5. X6
  • 1002520 Rear Air Spring 2006-13 Mercedes R-Series
  • 1560420 Rear Air Spring 2002-09 GM, Saab, Isuzu
  • 1705420 Rear Air Spring 2003-06 Ford, Lincoln
  • 2233820 Rear Air Strut 2000-06 Mercedes S-Series
  • 2296520 Rear Air Strut 2003-06 Ford, Lincoln
  • 2243810 Front Air Strut 2000-06 Mercedes S-Series
  • 2209710 Front Air Strut 2003-06 Ford, Lincoln

Air suspensions have been around for over 100 years, (first patented in 1901) but never became popular until recent years. These products were always considered “dealer item only” due to lack of aftermarket supply.

That’s not the case today. QBAutomotive now offers Air Springs, Air Struts, and Air Shocks, that allow you to replace the OE equipment with product that matches design and function of your vehicles suspension.
So don’t send your customers to the other guy anymore.

Call QBAutomotive for the latest coverage and pricing that allows you to be the suspension expert in your area

As part of our on-going commitment to provide our customers the best coverage, guaranteed quality, and continuous
growth with the most competitive pricing.

Visit us on line at www.qbainternational.com, or call us at 905-264-0497


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