Plews & Edelmann releases 66 new parts including 28 exclusives

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Power steering components manufacturer and marketer Plews & Edelmann has expanded coverage in both the Edelmann and Edelmann Elite line of products.

Plews & Edelmann director of business development Evan Bauer announced the new parts additions, noting, “We’ve been hard at work expanding coverage and adding key parts to our already industry leading portfolio of power steering products. In the first half of this year alone, we have introduced over 60 new and innovative power steering hoses, coolers, and hard parts. Make sure to take a look at our latest releases and add these parts to stay ahead of the competition.” 

The new releases include:

  • 10 Power Steering Hoses with coverage for nearly 8 million registered vehicles with applications from BMW, Dodge, Ford and GM, including 7 exclusive SKUs and 4 fleet applications.
  • 13 Power Steering Coolers, 12 of which are exclusively available from Plews & Edelmann, increasing coverage to 95% of vehicles in operation and nearly 99% of sales demand today.
  • 43 Power Steering Hard Parts have been added to the Edelmann Elite line of new racks, pumps, and gears. These 43 SKUs have propelled coverage to over 90% of the sales demand in the aftermarket. Of the 43 newly introduced SKUs, 10 are racks, 24 are pumps, and 9 are gears, with 9 SKUs being exclusive to Plews & Edelmann. This brings the total number of new hard parts SKUs in the program to 368 with 64 total exclusives.

For a listing of the new part numbers, applications and exclusive coverage visit Plews & Edelmann at: or call 1-800-770-4639.

About Plews & Edelmann

Plews & Edelmann is a leading manufacturer and marketer of Edelmann power steering hoses, repair kits, turbocharger oil lines, Edelmann Elite high performance power steering hoses, new manufactured power steering rack and pinion assemblies, pumps, gear boxes, power steering coolers, premium universal power steering filter and fluid.


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