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Celebrating 50 years of experience supplying wire and terminal products to the automotive aftermarket and related industries.

Stop searching for different suppliers for your varied wire, terminal and electrical accessory needs. Enjoy the luxury and comfort of knowing that you have the largest market segment coverage of top quality products at your fingertips.

New from PICO!

New Fabric Heat Shrink Tubing
A unique mixture of polyester and polyolefin yarns is the ideal make up of this unique shrinkable fabric. The woven construction makes these products extremely flexible and resistant to trapping moisture, heat, and humidity. It provides excellent protection against abrasion, chafing, and cutting, even when in high temperature environments.

Battery Terminal Fuse
The section of cable between the battery terminal and the fuse are effectively unprotected. If a short develops in this section, the fuse wouldn’t experience the excess current and blow. The battery terminal fuse solves this problem by mounting directly on the battery terminal and eliminate any unprotected section of cable, maximizing the protection of your circuit.

PICO has a wide assortment of bulb pigtails. Use the Bulb to PICO Interchange to find the pigtail that fits your bulb!


PICO Catalogue
The PICO Catalogue contains 135 pages of listings representing the broad scope of electrical accessories from the leader in the category.

PICO of Canada
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Western Branch
7590 Conrad Street, Burnaby, British Columbia V5A 2H7
(604) 438-7571 (office)
(604) 438-3366 (fax)

Eastern Branch 
Unit #3, 110 Woodbine Downs Blvd, Toronto, Ontario M9W 5S6
(416) 742-1140 (office)
(416) 742-2500 (fax)

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