Parking lot professionalism for delivery drivers

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By Norman B. Rose, president Excel Sales Consulting.

Here is the scenario: you have one small box to deliver.

The business is really busy, so their parking lot is filled with cars, and you need to run in and out.

Norm Rose Excel Sales Consulting
Norm Rose
Excel Sales Consulting

As a delivery driver, it can be tempting to pull into your customer’s parking lot, drive right up to the door and run in, but doing so will only harm your reputation and the reputation of the business you are representing. 

Here are a few quick tips for delivery etiquette.

  1. Park in the appropriate spot at the customer’s business location.
  2. Don’t block other vehicles.
  3. Drive cautiously into the customer’s parking area.
  4. Don’t keep your vehicle running while you go into the business. 
  5. Be consistent in terms of where you drop off and leave your deliveries, based on your customer’s instructions.
  6. Get an authorization signature for receipt of the delivery.
  7. Thank your customer for the order.

Using these tips to show respect for your customer’s business will reflect positively on the company you are working for, and on you. 

While it might take an extra few minutes to follow these guidelines, your customer’s satisfaction will be the payoff. 

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