Optimize Your Inventory of Front End Accessory Drive Components with Dayco’s New Inventory Assessment Tool

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Have unproductive inventory sitting on shelves? Not sure what front end products are selling well in a particular region? Maybe it’s time for a complete line review with Dayco’s new inventory assessment tool, AutoPartIQ. The company is rolling out this new optimization tool in the U.S. and Canada after fully vetting it over the last 24 months. 

Dayco developed the proprietary tool to help customers analyze their existing Dayco-specific inventory to identify possible gaps in coverage, new opportunities or unproductive inventory that could be shifted to another location.

Designed by the internal analytics team at Dayco, AutoPartIQ provides coverage reviews for every designated market area in the U.S., 211 in all – as well as 35 CMAs in Canada. Once the appropriate information is entered into the database, Dayco sales team members can provide comprehensive reports that analyze specific product lines and part numbers against VIO in given markets. 

The tool is capable of analyzing Dayco’s entire light vehicle product portfolio in the U.S. (10,000 part numbers) and all light vehicle and industrial product lines in Canada (16,000 part numbers). Ideal for full line reviews to assess inventory levels, it’s a new value-add resource for Dayco retailers, distributors or jobbers that can provide national, regional or hyper targeted data reports.

The aftermarket team at Dayco understands how important it is for distributors and jobbers to optimize inventory levels.

“We know inventory is your biggest expense so we prioritized developing a tool that utilizes fact based findings to help make recommendations,” said Bob Rosen, National Sales Manager for Dayco Canada. “Our new tool is a great value-add benefit to doing business with us, giving you the ability to see hyper localized data based on VIO and other factors to create new inventory channels.”

Distributors, retailers or jobbers interested in utilizing the tool need to reach out to their Dayco sales representative who will work closely with them to gather relevant sales and inventory data. That data will be cleaned, scrubbed and entered into Dayco’s system for a full analytics report. For more information on Dayco’s aftermarket offerings, visit na.daycoaftermarket.com.


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