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Randall Moore, aftermarket veteran, former chair of the Automotive Industries Association of Canada, and inspirational speaker, has penned his first book, Fly Free, uncommon sense and getting out of your own way.

In a novelized amalgamation of Randal Moore’s experiences and gained wisdom, his main character, Thomas Marks, uncovers areas of untapped human potential, why people fail, and why they succeed.

Jobber Nation is pleased to offer this first in a regular series of excerpts. Those interested in obtaining the book, can do so at the link below.

We join Thomas Marks on his way to a speaking engagement, riding with his regular limo driver John.

“I have paid a steep price to get where I am.”

John pulled up to the curb outside the departures area and stopped the limo. “I would like to hear about that.”

I grabbed my bag from the seat beside me. “I would love to tell you about it, but right now I have a plane to catch and an audience to speak to, so we’ll have to chat when I get back”

John pushed open his door and slid out of the car, rising from his perch behind the wheel like a majestic mountain rising from the sea. He pulled open my door and smiled. “Go get ’em, sir. I’m sure you will be great.”

“Thanks, John.” I slung my bag over my shoulder and headed into the terminal.

As I pushed through the crowds of people, I pondered John’s story. He’d done what millions say they want to do. He had pursued his goals in spite of all the obstacles, knowing the rewards would be worth it. In my career I had spoken to so many young people in their thirties who tried to convince me of all the reasons they could not achieve their dreams.

All told stories of parents and jobs and responsibilities, offering excuses such as they had just bought a house and couldn’t move, or they might get a raise next year so they shouldn’t leave their jobs, or their parents would kill them if they moved away. Every excuse was a small link that would ultimately join together to form the prison of their own making.

John had escaped that prison, and he knew it.

–Thomas Marks, Fly Free

Click here to obtain a copy of Fly Free, uncommon sense and getting out of your own way by Randall Moore.


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