MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers forms CEO Council

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MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers, part of MEMA, The Vehicle Suppliers Association, announces the formation of the Aftermarket Suppliers CEO Council. Exclusively for top aftermarket leaders, the council brings together executives from the automotive, commercial vehicle, and remanufacturing sectors.

MEMA networking groups are consistently ranked as one of the greatest benefits of MEMA membership. These councils and forums provide regular opportunities to discuss issues of common concern with other executives in similar roles. The Aftermarket CEO Council serves as a space for in-depth conversations on shared industry interests, providing a unique opportunity for leaders to gain valuable insights from their peers. Additionally, meetings will include outside speakers and engaging experiential events, aiming to further enrich meeting agendas beyond traditional discussions.

The first Aftermarket CEO Council meeting will be April 11, 2024, at The Henry Hotel in Dearborn, Mich. The meeting will kick off with a reception at the Automotive Hall of Fame the evening before on April 10, immediately following the 2024 Vision Conference. The inaugural year includes two in-person meetings, virtual roundtable discussions, and an executive luncheon at AAPEX.

“We are thrilled to launch the council this year as an exclusive and dynamic platform for CEOs in the aftermarket,” says John Chalifoux, chief operating officer at MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers and council lead. “The CEO council provides access to a trusted set of advisors and creates a community for aftermarket leaders.”

Click here to learn more about the Aftermarket Suppliers CEO Council. 

About MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers

MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers exclusively serves manufacturers of aftermarket components, tools and equipment, and related products, an important part of the automotive parts manufacturing industry which supports over 900,000 American jobs in all 50 states. MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers is a recognized industry change agent – promoting a collaborative industry environment, providing a forum to address issues, and serving as a valued resource for member companies. Members represent all areas of the aftermarket including light vehicle, commercial vehicle, and remanufacturing. MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers is a membership group within MEMA, The Vehicle Suppliers Association. 

MEMA is the leading North American trade association for vehicle suppliers, parts manufacturers, and remanufacturers. Automotive and commercial vehicle suppliers are the largest manufacturing sector in the United States and lead the way in new vehicle innovations. MEMA has been the voice of the vehicle supplier industry since 1904. Its more than 1,000 members are Strong by Association.
Members supply the aftermarket with the parts that keep millions of vehicles on the road, fuelling international commerce and meeting society’s transportation needs. MEMA members are committed to safety and sustainability. 

MEMA has offices in Southfield, Mich.; Research Triangle Park, N.C.; and Washington, D.C.

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