Maximizing self-serve sales

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Products that are highly consumable and replaceable by consumers themselves, including lighting and wipers, are often a reliable traffic and income generator for auto parts stores. But during a pandemic, what is usually a relatively straightforward sale may require some rethinking.

Perhaps your staffing levels are reduced, making it more difficult to answer questions, or to assist a walk-in customer in choosing the correct wiper or bulb for their needs. You might also be required to limit the number of customers in the store at any one time, which means the sale must be as quick and easy as possible. And some customers simply aren’t comfortable with being inside a retail store for any longer than necessary.

All of this means that your self-serve POS display has to be first rate, or you could lose sales that might otherwise have been a slam-dunk. But maintaining an efficient and attractive display for replacement lighting and wiper products is quite achievable if you follow these tips.

  1. Start with clear signage that directs consumers to the display and is easy to spot from a distance. You can use cloud signs that hang above the display, wall signage if the section is against a wall, or simply a high-visibility sign on the display that identifies the wiper (or lighting) centre.
  • Keep inventory well stocked at all times, at least with the most popular types and sizes for the vehicles in your area. An out-of-stock item is a lost sale and could even cost you a potential future customer.
  • Keep the display spotless and well organized. Customers inevitably leave the display disorganized, taking products out of boxes, putting them back in the wrong place, etc. This also including wiping down and sanitizing the display after it has been touched by customers.
  • Make sure there is precise and easy-to-follow information that guides customers to the right product for their needs. Some suppliers have charts or flip-binders that list the right product for each vehicle, which can be mounted on the display.
  • Some suppliers offer shelf talkers, planograms and even complete standalone displays that hold product (or display samples, with space underneath for boxes of new products), along with clear guides for choosing the right product. Ask your rep to show you what is available, and if it is feasible for your showroom.


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