Lenny Levac promoted to VP Sales Canada at LIQUI MOLY USA

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Long time LIQUI MOLY USA sales professional Lenny Levac has been promoted to VP Sales, Canada.

The pormotion was announced in concert with the appointement of Dave Bibb as Vice President Sales for the US.

Their promotion not only reflects their accomplishments but also underscores LIQUI MOLY’s commitment to recognizing and nurturing talent within the organization.

Levac has been part of the LIQUI MOLY organization for more than a decade. Bibb has also been with LIQUI MOLY for about a decade, and has a history in the aftermarket going back to the 1980s.

CEO Sebastian Zelger comments: “Dave Bibb and Lenny Levac have consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership, dedication, and expertise driving sales efforts forward. Their strategic vision, unparalleled work ethic, and commitment to excellence have not only contributed significantly to LIQUI MOLY USA’s growth but have also served as an inspiration to their colleagues. I am more than happy for them.”

Dave Bibb

Throughout their tenure at LIQUI MOLY, both Dave and Lenny have exhibited a profound understanding of the industry, a keen insight into market trends, and an unwavering commitment to exceeding targets and objectives.

Their ability to foster strong relationships with clients and colleagues alike, coupled with their innovative approaches to sales strategies have been instrumental in propelling the organization to new heights.

Dave Bibb states: “I am very happy about this promotion and am pleased that the successes of recent years are bearing fruit. But it is much more important that we continue to work as a team on the LIQUI MOLY success story. The opportunities are there, and we must and will use them as a team”.

“I feel the same way,” says Levac. “And I would also like to emphasize once again how important the team concept is for us. Achieving new records in terms of sales and earnings is one thing, but collaboration with our customers and partners and our internal team spirit are what make us LIQUI MOLY. We will continue to take everyone’s trust as our greatest motivation.”



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