KYB fall promo focuses on maintenance 

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With consumers keeping their cars for longer periods of time, regularly scheduled maintenance has become a much higher priority. Brakes and tires are routine maintenance items, but many consumers are unaware that worn shocks and struts can dramatically increase brake and tire wear. 

Worn shocks/struts allow excess forward pitch of vehicles during braking. Increased forward pitch causes faster brake component and tire wear and reduces overall vehicle safety.

New KYB shocks and struts can help restore OEM design and handling, reduce brake and tire wear and decrease braking distance.

“Shocks, struts, tires and brakes work as a system to provide vehicle control.” says KYB Director of Product and Marketing Andy Castleman. “OE Manufacturers design these parts to work in conjunction with each other to provide maximum traction, control and handling.  Worn parts can accelerate wear of related parts and reduce control of the vehicle. It’s extremely important to maintain the entire system in order to retain the vehicles’ designed safety and performance standards.”

With consumers planning their vehicle maintenance programs to prepare for winter driving, KYB is encouraging them to replace worn shocks and struts by offering $50 back on eligible purchases.

Official rules and eligible products can be seen at

KYB is one of the world’s largest shock & strut suppliers to new vehicle manufacturers and can be found on some of the most popular new cars, SUVs and trucks. KYB helps engineer how these vehicles perform when new and can help restore or improve their original designed performance. 

The KYB Fall Maintenance promotion will run from September 1st through November 30th.

About KYB

KYB Corporation produces ride control, hydraulic, and electronic products for use as original equipment and replacement parts in automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, specialty vehicles, buses, aircraft, railroad cars, industrial applications, agricultural applications, and civil engineering projects. KYB global headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan.


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