Is acid buildup eating away at your battery business?

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Fact: Vehicle no-start is one of the largest causes of productivity loss in fleet applications.

In a year a taxi can travel more than 100,000 km, provide 24,000 passenger rides, and can start and stop its engine over 30,000 times.

Voluntary and mandated efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and improve fuel economies is resulting in ever greater numbers of taxis being equipped with anti-idle or start-stop engine systems that can enable up to 5% fuel savings. Start-stop engines automatically shut off when the vehicle is at idle and restart when the driver’s foot leaves the brake pedal.

During this time, the energy needed to operate the vehicles electrical systems (lights, radio, GPS, meters, etc.) is supported by the battery rather than the alternator, thus saving fuel and reducing emissions.

Batteries in these vehicles are micro-cycled hundreds of times a day adding many thousands of starts every year. High output alternators are called upon to quickly charge the battery when the engine is running. If the battery does not maintain a high level of charge acceptance the vehicle’s anti-idle systems will not function properly.

Typical lead acid batteries start with a relatively high Dynamic Charge Acceptance (DCA) but because of acid stratification or acid build-up this degrades rapidly and within a few short months can stabilize at around 30% to 50% of original.

MIXTECH solves that.

MIXTECH batteries utilize 360˚ acid circulation to virtually eliminate acid build-up, maintaining DCA up to 3.5 times greater than conventional, EFB or AGM batteries used in these severe duty and partial state of charge (PSOC) applications.

Higher DCA allows more energy from the alternator to be recovered and stored faster, allowing the battery to better support electrical loads during the periods of “anti-idle” operation.

The better a battery’s DCA, the more efficiently the battery’s active materials are utilized and the greater number of start-stop events it can support. MIXTECH batteries utilize Patented 360˚ acid circulation to prevent the premature loss of dynamic charge acceptance making it a superior option for Taxi, Courier & Start-Stop vehicles.

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