Inside Sales: How good are your organizational skills?

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By Norman B. Rose,, Excel Sales Consulting

There is confidence that comes with being organized. I don’t know if that is because someone who is organized is not trying to frantically catch up with their day, or if they are just comfortable using their organizational tools to feel prepared for any change that gets thrown at them. But whatever the reason, an organized person gets more done in an effortless way. 

Norm Rose
Norm Rose Excel Sales Consulting

If you don’t use any organizational tools or techniques, it can feel overwhelming to become organized. But take one of these tips at a time and implement them in your workday. Soon, you will be smiling through your day knowing that you are prepared for anything!

Here are a few quick tips to help you stay organized:

1. Avoid unnecessary time traps and wasters.

2. Develop the habit of doing the difficult tasks first.

3. Plan daily, weekly, and monthly. Write it down in a daily checklist.

4. Develop routines around work, allocating time for each specific task.

5. Organize your daily workload, cooperate with customers, and support outside sales requests.  

6. Be thorough: confirm expectations of customers and co-workers, avoid rushing, paraphrase to increase comprehension and double-check orders. 

7. Make time to help co-workers with their tasks and practice positive teamwork.

8. Prepare for team meetings and participate positively in setting collaborative goals for store improvements.

9. Be honest with yourself and continually assess your performance; be open to feedback.

10. Prioritize and set personal and professional goals for things you want to accomplish. Document your goals.

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