How to keep your customers coming back!

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There’s an old trope that it takes one-tenth as much work to sell to an existing customer than to acquire a new one, but that’ s not quite true. Repeat customers, especially if you can impress them enough to return repeatedly and regularly to you, are the lifeblood of any business. Here are some ways to keep them coming back to you.

By Norm Rose

The customer in front of you has just agreed to purchase the products that you know will perfectly fix the problem they are having.

The products you’ve recommended are at the exact right price point and warranty level they need. Congratulations! In order to have gotten this far in the sales cycle, you probably built some rapport with the customer, actively listened to the project description and suggested products that matched the customer’s needs.

But is this enough to keep the customer coming back the next time they need your products?

Earning customer loyalty is just that; it involves more than just having the right parts at the right price and assuming the world will beat a party to your door.

Here’s some tips fore ensuring that customers think of you as the preferred destination for all of their needs, keep returning, and recommend you to their colleagues and friends.

  1. Keep in your mind that customers buy from many places, and they chose YOU. Acknowledge that and thank them for their business, especially if it is repeat business.
  2. Make it a practice to go the extra mile for each customer; what else can you offer them to make the transaction better?
  3. Humour is a fine line. Avoid any kind of sarcastic or unprofessional humour with co-workers and customers.
  4. Have a positive attitude with your customers.
  5. Set your bar high for customer service, and strive to meet it with every transaction.
  6. Most problems start as minor complaints.  Aim to handle them at this stage before they become significant concerns.
  7. A sincere thank-you at the end of the transaction leaves a lasting impression. 
  8. If possible, hand the customer your business card, invite them to come back to the store and ask them to tell their friends about their experience.
  9. Repeat business is a compliment and a privilege. Now that you’ve earned a customer’s repeat business, keep looking at ways to keep it!
  10. If a repeat customer stops buying from you, notify your manager and the appropriate salesperson, so they can follow up.

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