How to Drive Your Way To Success

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Whether you’re starting out as a delivery driver simply as a way to earn some money during the summer months with the prospect of going back to school in the fall, or looking at it as a springboard to a longer more involved career in the automotive aftermarket, your performance as a delivery driver is important both to the organization you are working for and to your skill building, whatever your future may hold.

Here are some tips to make the most of your time behind the wheel:

1. Remember that, even if this might just be a summer job for you, the organization you work for has obligations to its customer base that last year-round, and might go back many years. So take your role seriously and be professional.

2. Even if this is not your first turn behind the wheel (though maybe you’re new to this organization), keep your head up and your eyes open to understand the process around parts, delivery, returns, and any customer-facing policies that might be in place. Remember that if a customer asks you a question about policies and you aren’t absolutely sure what that policy is, be sure to refer them to an appropriate person who does have that information.

3. If you are new to a delivery-professional role and new to the aftermarket, take advantage of every opportunity you have to learn from others who have been working in this industry – some for quite a few years. Look around, ask questions, show that you are interested in learning.

4. The path for delivery drivers upwards within an organization is usually through inside sales (or as this role is often still referred to, the counter person). Ask someone if they will teach you how to look up parts. If you don’t know what to look up, use your delivery vehicle as an example. Look up wipers, headlights, filters, brake components, etc. The benefit of using the delivery vehicle for this is that it doesn’t look like you’re just trying to find parts for your own car. (That might be okay, but it sends a different message.)

5. There may come times when there is some unexpected downtime. Do not use this time as an opportunity to hide away; make yourself available for other tasks. Again, this sends a message that you’re willing to work, willing to learn, and generally a great team player. The automotive aftermarket is a busy industry; there is always something more to do.

The goal for any new delivery driver should be to build really great habits in how to interact with people and thrive in what is really one of the most important roles within the automotive aftermarket distribution business: deliveries.


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