Hot weather delivery driver tips

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As the hot weather is upon us, delivery professionals should be mindful of the impact on their personal health and on-road safety.

Even in this country generally regarded as northern, temperatures and humidex readings can soar into the high 30s Celsius and beyond with vehicle cabin temperatures much higher.

Here are some tips to keep drivers feeling fit and safely executing their delivery duties.

Fight glare

Bright summer sun can create strong glare and high daytime temperatures can rapidly degrade windshield wipers. Ensure that you have adequate windshield washer and good condition wipers. A good cleansing rag and glass cleaner are a good addition. And don’t forget good sunglasses. Polarized lenses are best.

Perform tire/vehicle checks

You do not want your auto parts delivery vehicle stopped by the roadside.

Ensure that tires are in good condition. Hot weather and improper inflation can really accelerate wear. A regular morning pressure and condition check is a good practice. Likewise, ensure your vehicle is in good working order and be particularly aware fluid leaks and air conditioning function.

Avoid heat stress

Ensure that you are dressed appropriately for your duties. Additionally, try to avoid keeping your vehicle as cold as an icebox as exposing yourself to massive temperature changes over and over can stress you physically.

Stay hydrated

Dehydration can cause drowsiness and difficulty in decision-making. Keep an adequate supply of water on hand.

Speak up if you’re feeling ill

If you’ve found yourself inadvertently heat stressed, dehydrated, or otherwise feel like you aren’t sharp, say something. You may need to take a break in a cooling area, or in severe cases, you may need medical care. Better to be off the road if you’re not feeling you can drive safely.


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