Quality Driven: CV AXLES

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Keep moving forward with GSP’s most popular product lines. GSP CV Axles offer a wide range of choices when you want reliability and quality from a drivetrain replacement part. At GSP, our goal is to provide you with quality parts and service to keep your business running efficiently.

GSP CV Axles

  • CNC machined splines for precise OE fitment
  • All necessary CV Axles include hardware for proper installation
  • Over 2,681SKU’s
  • Covering over 99% of PVC

GSP Extreme Duty (XD) Axles

  • Constructed with TPE and CRR for a tougher, temperature resistant boot
  • Durable stepless ear clamps for consistent pressure to ensure proper seal
  • High quality, temperature resistance grease with higher frictional and abrasion resistance
  • Over 30 SKU’s

GSP Performance Revolution Axles

GSP North America is well known for providing some of the best replacement CV axles in the industry. As one of their most popular lines, Performance Revolution axles, you will get reliability and quality in a direct replacement CV axle. Whether you are replacing a damaged CV axle or simply want a better-performing one, GSP Performance Revolution Axles is the perfect solution.

  • Premium Coated – Premium black coated center shaft & joint housing.
  • Optimized Performance – Optimized high-performance CV boot prevents deformation wear and leakage for superior durability.
  • Highest Quality Materials – Premium grease for improved lubrication.
  • Quality Driven – Friction welded and hollow tube intermediate shaft.
  • Improved Service Life – 40% improved service life over an aftermarket standard axle

GSP: Quality Driven Performance


All GSP Axle components are heat treated to the highest standards to provide premium strength, increased tensile, and extended service life.


All CV Shafts undergo an extensive quality control  process to ensure a long and trouble-free performance.


Machined Splines for precise OEM fitment


GSP sources only premium raw materials to manufacture their products. 



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