Getting started: Entry level delivery driver tips

by | Mar 30, 2021 | 0 comments

While there are certainly many examples these days of auto parts professionals becoming a delivery driver as a way to close out their long career in the aftermarket — and their experience is a valuable thing to keep around — it is also a critical aspect of an auto parts business to provide an entry-level opportunity for younger team members to enter the aftermarket.

For those incoming members of an auto parts business team, here are five things that becoming a delivery driver will offer:

1-Learning the Aftermarket

The opportunity to understand virtually all aspects of the automotive aftermarket. While you will find your key responsibility is to deliver parts to customers, you will also have the opportunity to see other aspects of the business you are working in as well as likely to pick up from warehouses on occasion. Learning how distribution works will serve you well wherever in the aftermarket you move.

2-Connecting with Customers

You will have the opportunity to connect with customers more than any other team member within the organization. This will give you insight into the business that is the focus of the entire aftermarket supply chain and provide a good foundation for your future within any organization.

3-Personal Responsibility

You will be provided with likely more autonomy in your role as a delivery driver then in virtually any other entry-level position. While you certainly have your responsibilities once you leave the delivery bay, it is up to you how well you perform.

4-Learn Your City or Town

Where ever you are located, you will learn your city or town better than you ever thought possible. Whatever you do in the future this is a good thing.

5-Become a Better, Safer Driver

The time you spend behind the wheel will make you a better, safer, more responsible driver and car owner. There is simply no substitute for seat time.


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