Getting it right with CRM designed for the aftermarket, Part 3

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As enterprises grow and markets become more complex, CRM systems are driving the business world forward.

SiteAlive CRM aftermarket

Ensuring the right system is in place for your aftermarket business means evaluating its ease of use, cost, flexibility, support and – perhaps one of the most important metrics – return on investment.

“Our goal was to have an affordable, predictable cost solution for our customers,” says SiteAlive founder Faraz Sayal.

“The CRM is cloud-based which means there is no investment on the customer’s part in hardware. They don’t have to buy new computer systems and servers. If they have the internet and they have a phone, tablet, or desktop, they can use SiteAlive CRM.

“And we’ve tiered the product into 50 or 100 user seats. Even with our big accounts, companies that have 50 locations, they’ll have 75 users and it’s a few hundred dollars a month.”

SiteAlive CRM aftermarket

“We at Hamilton Discount Auto Parts have been using CRM for several years. Amazing communication tool as our sales force require immediate response. Great support and staff at SiteAlive.”
Roland Singh, Sales and Operations Manager
Hamilton Discount Auto Parts, Hamilton ON

At that price point, says Sayal, justifying the investment is not complicated. “It can save you hundreds of dollars worth per month of running around, just by having all this communication in one place, reducing your number of phone calls, and making the salesman way more productive by giving him this information. It pays for itself tenfold.”

The key to ROI on any CRM, though, is implementation. A CRM with incredible capabilities will only generate returns if management and sales actually use it.

For SiteAlive, that’s where the ease of use and regular updates of the SiteAlive CRM help generate ROI.

“We have been using the SiteAlive CRM since 2015, it is an important part of our daily operations. We found it easy to implement and the sales team took to it right away.”
Eric Knogler, President
Sutherland Automotive, Saskatoon SK

Our advice to all of our customers is, please, get your team to use it. I often hear about salespeople who are set in their ways and are successful in their roles,” so management assumes there will be resistance. But once they realize SiteAlive gives them a tool that will help them do their jobs better, they come around.

“They start seeing the time that they can save, that they can get more calls in per day, and that they don’t have to worry about going home and typing up reports. They’re saving their own time, which allows them to focus on sales.”

The need to be efficient, with full-circle customer communication, comes on the heels of an era of increased demand or aftermarket parts, but also challenges to the supply chain. That requires a whole new level of responsiveness.

“Our CRM solution from SiteAlive has been a great addition and tool for our sales team. We are more than happy with it’s growth over the last couple of years.”
Kyle Kowalchuk, Operations
Warehouse Services Inc., Edmonton AB

“During the worst of the pandemic, shops were busy and parts were just flying off the shelf. There were shops who hadn’t been regular customers reaching out to you more than ever. But now, you want to maintain and build those relationships. “

Whether that was converting those new customers to $500 a month, or $10,000 a month, new tools will help you maintain and grow those customers.

“You do need these new tools, whether you go with ours or not.

“There’s nothing better than the compliment that we always get from salespeople: ’Hey, it’s easy to use. It’s very powerful, but it’s easy to use.’ “And that has been our goal from the beginning.”

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For more information on how SiteAlive’s CRM solution can work for you contact SiteAlive at:

Phone: 416-428-0890

SiteAlive CRM aftermarket
SiteAlive CRM aftermarket


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