Fly Free, Randall Moore

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(EXCERPT NO. 3) Randall Moore, aftermarket veteran, former chair of the Automotive Industries Association of Canada, and inspirational speaker, has penned his first book, Fly Free, uncommon sense and getting out of your own way.

In a novelized amalgamation of Randal Moore’s experiences and gained wisdom, his main character, Thomas Marks, uncovers areas of untapped human potential, why people fail, and why they succeed.

Jobber Nation is pleased to offer readers a regular series of excerpts. Those interested in obtaining the book, can do so at the link below.

We join Thomas Marks at the airport on his way to a speaking engagement, just after he’s had a conversation with a cashier who was letting life get the better of her.

If that cashier thought about what I had said, that she could choose whether or not to allow her mother to give her unsolicited advice that made her miserable, she might extend that truth–that she didn’t have to allow other to control her thoughts or decisions–to other areas of her life, with potentially profound results.

When I was very young, I worked for a boss who felt it necessary to holler at everyone and tell them what a poor job they were doing.

Most of them but employees left him, often when they had so much more to give. My thoughts were slightly different in that I dreamed of buying him out and then treating him as he had done to others.

However, my integrity took over and I also moved on to a place more welcoming to it employees.

As Maggie was fond of saying, people don’t quit their job they quit their boss. That saying haunted me at times when good people left my employment to seek new opportunities.

Perhaps I was not the perfect boss either, although I hope that when my employees left, it was because I had inspired them to follow their dreams and not settle for a job that wasn’t right for them.

–Thomas Marks, Fly Free

Click here to obtain a copy of Fly Free, uncommon sense and getting out of your own way by Randall Moore.


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