Fly Free by Randall Moore

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(EXCERPT NO. 2) Randall Moore, aftermarket veteran, former chair of the Automotive Industries Association of Canada, and inspirational speaker, has penned his first book, Fly Free, uncommon sense and getting out of your own way.

In a novelized amalgamation of Randal Moore’s experiences and gained wisdom, his main character, Thomas Marks, uncovers areas of untapped human potential, why people fail, and why they succeed.

Jobber Nation is pleased to offer readers a regular series of excerpts. Those interested in obtaining the book, can do so at the link below.

We join Thomas Marks at the airport on his way to a speaking engagement.

A man walked by, calling out, “shoeshine, best in town, relaxation beyond belief.“ My eyes widened. A good shoeshine, how could I resist? Suit, perfect shoes shined, that was me, the ultimate suit guy. The relaxation part was more challenging for me, so I had to try it.

I lifted my head to catch the attention of the young man carrying the shoeshine kit in one hand. “I’ll try it, although I can’t see the connection between a shoeshine and relaxation.“ “Oh, you will.“ He smiled as he waved me into the chair set up in the waiting area for that purpose.

I climbed up to my lofty perch, a great vantage point from which to observe what was going on around me. I settled back, my feet resting on a bar, and grinned. The chair was heated and vibrating slowly.

So that’s what he meant by relaxation.

I loved it, not just the experience, but the fact that this guy had figured out how to go the extra mile in a very competitive field. 

By the time the young man was finished polishing my shoes with the towel he had slung over his shoulder, I could see my reflection in them. And I was completely relaxed, as advertised.

Why couldn’t more businesses be like that? So many I had dealt with in the past had over promised and under delivered, so this shoeshine guy was onto something that so many would never figure out.

–Thomas Marks, Fly Free

Click here to obtain a copy of Fly Free, uncommon sense and getting out of your own way by Randall Moore.


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