Derek Chinn joins Grant Brothers Sales team

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Grant Brothers Sales Limited president Charlie Grant is thrilled to announce that Derek Chinn has joined the team as vice-president, business development.

“With all of Derek’s industry experience and coming from the manufacturing side of the business, he brings a whole new area of expertise to the team that we are excited to have onboard,” says Grant. “He really understands what the manufacturers are looking for and can help our whole organization build its level of service.”

Chinn’s years of experience in Canada’s automotive aftermarket, and the relationships that he has built throughout those years at all levels of the automotive aftermarket, also represent a considerable asset for Grant Brothers Sales as it continues to grow on the eve of its 75th anniversary.

Grant Brothers is one of Canada’s largest manufacturer’s representative agencies.

Chinn joins a team of more than 30 field sales, inside sales, and internal support resource staff focused on representing manufacturers to traditional aftermarket and retail customers across Canada.

“His experience, coming from a manufacturer with a multi-product offering and a long history with all levels of distribution lends itself beautifully to the multiline selling of an agency. It’s just a perfect scenario,” continues Grant.

“From my standpoint, what I found here with Grant Brothers Sales is tailor-made for me,” says Chinn. “I’ve known Charlie and Adam Crisp, who is president of the Traditional Aftermarket Division, for a long time. And we have a lot of great relationships in the industry.”

He says too that the timing for building on Grant Brothers Sales’ strengths – CRM, field sales effectiveness, strong presence in the traditional aftermarket as well as retail and industrial sectors – is ideal.

“Agency representation within our industry is seeing a stronger demand today and going forward, especially with companies looking to streamline their finances. The group here is very committed to growing Grant Brothers Sales with that demand.

“We’re continuing to tighten the communication between all of our channel partners, right from our manufacturing partners down to our wholesale distribution network, and improving on how we can help move the needle for everybody.”

Chinn says he looks forward to immersing himself in all areas that Grant Brothers Sales is involved in, but does look particularly forward to reconnecting with the automotive aftermarket.

“I’m going to be helping Grant Brothers Sales with a number of initiatives in all their division segments, but obviously I have a lot of experience in the traditional aftermarket, where I started as a delivery boy and have spent 27-plus years now.

“I’m going to be taking over some strategic key national accounts and working directly with them as well as a couple of exclusive markets – but on top of that, in the future, getting more involved with the other divisions that we’re also looking forward to growing.

“They have a great team here. There’s no doubt. Our bench strength, I think, is second to none in the industry for sure. And we’re looking to better it for all our channel partners, all the way from the senior management and structure down to expanding on a strong focus on our teammates working down-channel.”

Says Grant, “The timing of Derek joining us is perfect. Taking over the business in January gave me the opportunity to identify where the business needed that next-level person. My move left some gaps, and I really wanted to invest in the right person who could fill those gaps, grow into new areas, and really see the vision for the future of Grant Brothers Sales.

“I know Derek can help us to continue to grow as we look forward to celebrating our 75th year in 2020.”


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