CRP Automotive intros Rein coolant hoses for Tesla

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OE-quality replacement and service parts supplier CRP Automotive now offers a wide range of Rein Coolant Hoses for popular Tesla vehicles. The new line consists of 29 first-to-market hoses and aims to serve the expanding market of Tesla vehicles, the most widely sold EV brand in the industry. 

“As the demand for electric vehicles surges, CRP Automotive recognized the growing need for premium replacement parts,” notes David Hirschhorn, CRP Automotive brand director. “These Rein hoses were developed to help Tesla owners maximize their vehicle’s performance and extend its lifespan. The new line of Rein Coolant Hoses caters to popular Tesla applications, including Tesla Models 3, X, and Y 2017-2023 and Model S 2012-2021.”

The Rein Coolant Hose program for Tesla includes heater hoses, radiator coolant hoses, and a variety of other hoses found throughout the complex cooling system of these vehicles. The hoses play a crucial role in maintaining optimal temperatures for batteries, motors, and high-voltage power electronics. Rein coolant hoses are direct replacements for OE hoses and include all the branches and components needed to complete an installation efficiently, making them an ideal solution for technicians. The Rein Coolant Hose line provides application coverage for over 1.5 million Tesla vehicles across the U.S. and Canada. 

“While electric vehicles may not be the most prevalent vehicles on the road today, it’s important for our industry to understand and be able to service them,” adds Hirschhorn. “CRP Automotive has made it a key initiative to engineer hoses like these and make them available to independent technicians now.”

Easy Online Lookup

The Rein Automotive undercar program features easy lookup on CRP’s online application catalog that can be accessed through the CRP Automotive or Rein Automotive brand websites,, or Show Me the Parts,

About ReinAutomotive 

Rein Automotive offers a wide range of OE-quality automotive replacement parts for import vehicle applications, from motor mounts to hose assemblies and just about everything in between. Rein programs include AC parts, an antivibration program, an expanded hose program including power steering hoses, and a master cooling program inclusive of coolant hoses, water pumps and kits, coolant expansion tanks, thermostats and thermostat assemblies along with caps and sensors.

The Rein Automotive name stands for consistent and reliable quality. Only high-quality parts wear the Rein Automotive name, whether for European or Asian vehicles.   

About CRP Automotive

CRP Automotive, a business unit of CRP Industries, is a leading name in high-quality automotive replacement parts throughout North America. The CRP family of brands, which includes AAE Steering System Components, REIN Replacement Parts, and Pentosin Technical Fluids, covers a wide range of product categories — and an even more extensive range of vehicle applications. 

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