Creating a Winning Impression: Tips and Techniques

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By Norm Rose, Excel Sales Consulting

Because of these unprecedented times we are living through today, customers are looking for professional experiences where they feel safe.

Norm Rose Excel Sales Consulting
Norm Rose
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Here are some quick tips to create a lasting impression during Covid-19.

1. Acknowledge customers quickly with a friendly and upbeat greeting. Because mask wearing is common, make sure you verbally say something to people, as a smile most likely won’t register.

2. Avoid prejudging customers, and make an effort to treat everyone the same.

3. Have a positive attitude toward coworkers and customers. This can be tough when people are feeling frustrated with new regulations and procedures, so being committed to an attitude of positivity can make people feel better and bring up the morale.

4. Create a positive impression with difficult customers. If things go wrong, be patient and willing to help. Reassure them you have heard their concerns and fix what can be fixed.

5. Listen to customers and avoid interrupting them. Active listening involves repeating back what you have understood a customer to be saying and giving advice where appropriate. Think about what they are saying, not what you want to say when they are done.

Remember to always set goals and implement a plan to accomplish them.

Doing this will help you achieve your goals and move you in the right direction.

Norm Rose is the president of Excel Sales Consulting. He has been providing sales, customer service and leadership training to managers and employees around the world since 2001. He is an expert in tailoring training to meet specific client’s needs and providing his students with the right resources to become outstanding sales and customer service professionals.

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