Be a Winter Vehicle Safety Advocate

by | Nov 29, 2022 | 0 comments

It is always wise for professional delivery drivers to prepare their vehicle for winter, but not everyone does all that they can.

Everything from winter wiper blades to proper winter tires, the right windshield washer for the season, and even renewed lighting are important safety measures for the winter season.

Here are five tips to ensure you – and those you share the road with – stay safe all winter long.

#1 Be a safe driving advocate.

As a professional driver in the automotive aftermarket, you can and should be expected to be responsible on the road and promote safe driving through your words and actions.

#2 Be a winter tire advocate.

Work to ensure the delivery vehicles in your company’s fleet are equipped for winter driving. While not every part of Canada mandates winter tires, they are the smart choice, with very few exceptions. Remember, it’s not about snow: Even Vancouver’s mild winters average a daily high of 7 degrees C, the temperature at which you should be using winter tires.

#3 Check wipers and lighting.

Winter wipers are designed to minimize the effect of snow and slush. Install the winter wipers your company stocks, and talk about them. Lighting can degrade over time, plus there are plenty of legal upgrade options to help during the dark winter months.

#4 Have a winter safety kit program.

Every delivery vehicle should be equipped with a winter safety kit. Jobbers might consider offering them to their trade customers, either for their personal use as a reward for their business, or as something they can offer their customers.

#5 Keep your delivery vehicle free of snow.

One of the easiest safety measures is to ensure that you can see out of the front, sides, and rear of your vehicle properly. A properly cleared snow cover represents the organization well – plus it helps keep you, other drivers, and pedestrians safe.


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