Zimmerman offers alternative to Audi wave brake rotor

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Zimmermann offers an alternative solution for the original Audi "wave" brake rotor for the aftermarket.

Zimmermann offers an alternative solution for the original Audi wave brake rotor for the aftermarket.

Zimmermann provides customers with an alternative to the Audi wave OE disc, providing cost-efficiency and competitiveness in the aftermarket.

The Zimmermann discs also deliver the relevant features and technical advantages of the original parts.

These include the weight saving due to the aluminum hub, the free radial expansion of the friction ring due to the floating mounting of hub and friction ring and the cross-drilling in the friction surface.

New developments offer competitive option

Zimmermann also remains true to the original “as close to OE as possible” in the material.

The compound disc is composed of an aluminum hub with a cast friction ring. Only the design of the “waves” shape of the outer diameter of the original brake disc, and give the line its name, has been changed due to patent protection.

Qualitatively, these developments are as close as possible to the quality of original spare parts. 

The Otto-Zimmermann GmbH

For more than 6 decades Otto Zimmermann GmbH has been developing, producing and distributing sophisticated automotive components for car manufacturers and the independent aftermarket.

In addition to standard spare parts, the company also develops sports and premium brake discs for the requirements of motorsports and tuning.

Today, the production program comprises far more than 4000 different brake components, which are distributed via wholesalers and specialized dealers in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Visit www.otto-zimmermann.de


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