ZF Aftermarket details 2023 introductions

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ZF Aftermarket launched more than 770 new products for passenger cars in 2023.

The company is delivering a broad range of aftermarket product and services that draw on the strengths of ZF Group’s leading OE technologies to support internal combustion, hybrid, fully electric and semi-automated vehicles.

Products now available for passenger cars in the U.S. and Canada include:

  • 105 new part numbers for TRW brake pads for a wide array of vehicle makes and models, encompassing over 34 million vehicles in operationx
  • 100 new part numbers for TRW brake boosters and master cylinders, the most extensive line of new (not remanufactured) original equipment brake booster available for European cars in the US and Canadian (USC) independent aftermarket, as well as master cylinders manufactured in steel, aluminum or cast iron
  • 115 part numbers for ZF transmission products, including nearly 70 SACHS torque converters, and four different formulations of ZF Lifeguard e-Fluid for hybrid engines
  • 195 LEMFÖRDER powered window motors, regulators and assemblies
  • Over 85 TRW X-Tend Powered Lift Supports, along with 50 part numbers for TRW Gas Springs
  • 16 new SACHS CDC Shock Absorbers, offering replacement parts for electronic damper systems on 1.1 million vehicles in operation

Additionally, ZF Aftermarket introduced more than 950 new transmission parts for commercial vehicles in 2023, and nearly 300 aftermarket parts for industrial applications.

“The wide range of products and services we’ve launched in the past year demonstrates ZF Aftermarket’s position as a full system partner through every part of the customer experience,” said Mark Cali, Head of Independent Aftermarket, USC for ZF Aftermarket.

“We’re partnering with our customers by delivering a comprehensive range of OE-engineered products with easily searchable online product catalogs, as well as full-service support with video tutorials and technical training available through ZF [pro]Academy,“ Cali noted.

To search the ZF Aftermarket product catalog, click here.


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