WIX Filters introduces 103 new parts in first half of 2019

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WIX Filters, a global manufacturer of filtration products, introduced 103 new parts in the first half of 2019, with more than half the new SKU numbers serving the heavy-duty line.

These parts include 32 light-duty parts, 58 heavy-duty parts and a variety of other industrial, OPP and specialty parts.

WIX filters

“WIX is continuing our momentum into the second half of the year with a commitment to quality and reliability,” said Donald Chilton, Director of Product Management for WIX Filters. “As always, we are consistently adding to our vast array of options for both the light and heavy-duty industries with full awareness that all types of drivers rely on our products.”

The WIX team will carry this momentum into the third quarter with a commitment to inventive and reliable products. They continue to expand upon current inventory while also producing innovative new options.

“We are committed to producing products that are cutting-edge,” continued Chilton. “We know that a commitment to innovation requires commitment to education, always learning about and exploring the newest technology.” 

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