Windshield repair kits for DIYers and professionals

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Specializing in windshield repair, RockPro’s one-of-a-kind patented process is the best DIY solution to fixing pesky windshield chips and pits. They remove bigger chips, better and faster than competitors. A Commercial Kit provides professional shops with increased repair capabilities.

Windshield repair DIY Repair Kit
DIY Repair Kit

RockPro’s revolutionary windshield repair equipment will also be featured in Motor Week and on the Motor Trend network, giving them a huge upcoming audience for both their commercial and DIY repair kits.

For many retailers the big selling point is that RockPro’s DIY kit can be successfully used by literally anyone. With an instructional video depicting a 4-year-old girl successfully repairing a chipped windshield in less than 10 minutes, they are proving their kit is a DIY success.

RockPro’s interchangeable hot and cold cartridge options, catering to various climates and weather changes, is proving to be a game changer for commercial fleets in need of fast windshield repair in any circumstance or situation.

The RockPro commercial unit is on track to become the standard in the auto repair industry. This kit is perfect for automotive body shops, mobile glass repair companies, wholesale automotive supply stores and commercial fleets.

Windshield repair Commercial Repair Kit
Commercial Repair Kit

With a big pit adapter and a corner adapter the commercial repair kit can be adjusted to repair larger pits and all types of corners and edges.

RockPro’s repair kits have officially launched, and are stocked.



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