Why what you do matters

by | Dec 24, 2017 | 0 comments

The answer to this might seem sort of obvious—without delivery you customer wouldn’t get their parts order–but your value goes beyond this.
It’s not simply a matter of getting the parts order to the customer quickly.

1-You are the face of your company for many customers. You see them more often and, because most business is conducted online or over the phone, the image you set reflects on the company you work for.

2-You are the eyes and ears of your company. What you see and hear from customers is a critical part of your company’s ability to serve customers well and grow their business.

3–Even if you have not considered a long-term career in the automotive aftermarket, your experience dealing with customers and the business you work for will provide experience that you will draw on for your entire career, regardless of what industry that may be in.

4-In addition to having direct contact with customers, you also have the opportunity to see how your company’s systems may help or hinder customer service at the delivery stage, and be able to bring these observations to the forefront.

5-You are potentially the next counterperson, outside sales person, manager, and even business owner. What you learn about customer service as a delivery professional is important to your career development, and to your employer.


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