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This is a time of reinvention for Canada’s automotive aftermarket.
Challenges ahead in terms of connectivity, parts technology, and the threat of competition from the likes of Amazon have forced each and every one of you to ask if what you’re doing today is the best way.
Into this new world, let me introduce you to Jobber Nation.
As Canada’s newest dedicated title for automotive aftermarket distribution professionals—introduced digitally alongside its Indie Garage companion title for your independent shop customers at the start of the year–there is no shortage of challenges ahead.

Andrew Ross, Publisher and Director of Content

With Jobber Nation you’ll find focused content designed to be evocative, engaging, brief and, perhaps most importantly, useful.
Jobber Nation will have a little fun too, going beyond hard business advice to offer a window into some of the engaging individuals who make up this great industry.
It is a changed world, and part of this change has been the way that people consume information.
In a world where most people get their news through Facebook, the old model just won’t wash.
In Jobber Nation you’ll find information organized by the roles that distribution professionals play: owners and managers, counterpeople, outside sales professionals and delivery drivers.
Nobody sees your customers more than drivers, but no one has been included in the conversation less.
This changes with Jobber Nation. Delivery drivers are tomorrow’s counter professionals and, maybe, store owners. They are just too important to your business to not engage.
For all, information will be highly focused for each to make their experience time efficient and informative. A rich, evolving experience designed to change as this industry changes.
This is incredibly important for this industry in a time of unprecedented change.
It is with great conviction, and some 30 years of personal experience, that I can say with great confidence that you’ll meet the challenges ahead and succeed.
But that success will come from much hard work within many organizations as well as through industry groups here in Canada and elsewhere.
It’s going to take all the knowledge your experience can muster, and a healthy dose of new thinking too.
That kind of thinking forms the foundation of Jobber Nation.
I look forward to building on it with you.
– Andrew Ross, Publisher and Director of Content



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