Webinar on emerging markets for automotive aftermarket goes May 22

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Frost & Sullivan, the growth partnership company, announced today that it will host a live, complimentary Growth Innovation Leadership (GIL) briefing titled, “Global Automotive Aftermarket in Developing Markets Opens Up New Opportunities“, on Tuesday,,May 22 at 1 pm EDT.

The webinar will offer Frost & Sullivan’s expert insight from Kumar Saha, Research Director and Anuj Monga, Global Program Manager, Global Automotive & Transportation Research Team at Frost & Sullivan. The webinar will also feature expert commentary from Brad Fry, Senior Manager, Business Strategy & Development, Parts & Accessories eBay.

The global automotive aftermarket is undergoing massive transformation. Some of the key disruptors picked up pace in 2017 and will continue to change supply and demand dynamics in 2018 and beyond. Frost & Sullivan’s Global Aftermarket Outlook will highlight some of these short-term market shifts (e.g. why will North America lag in aftermarket growth in 2018 while India, Latin America will see growth) as well as medium- and long-term trends such as digital B2B and service management platforms. The briefing will enable attendees to position themselves effectively against the challenges and disruptions while understanding where the next wave of opportunities will come from.  

“The future of the aftermarket will be about integrated vehicle management – not slioed products and sales,” says Saha. “The changing nature of vehicles and new market entrants will shake up the entire ecosystem in the next 10 years. There will be winners and losers.”

Expert Insighs:t

  • Understand how vehicle age will influence aftermarket growth in China and India;
  • How will advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles impact aftermarket growth?
  • How will Amazon’s digital platform approach influence vehicle maintenance?
  • What are the data monetization opportunities in aftermarket?
  • Barriers and challenges to growth: Increasing penetration of EVs and ADAS-enabled vehicles in mature markets, declining new vehicle sales in North America, declining product replacement rates in mature markets.

For more information and to register for the webinar, please click here.


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