Upgrade to LEDs for safety, style, and profitability

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Recommend an LED lighting upgrade to your customers and you will be adding both safety and style to their vehicles. Plus, your sales will get an extra boost because LEDs are becoming more popular and they’re an easy upgrade from conventional lighting.Ulltinon packages

Your customers will appreciate your advice and will be more likely to upgrade all of their vehicle lighting applications, inside and out, to create a total hi-tech package

.Lumileds, a leading innovator in LED lighting and first choice of carmakers worldwide, offers a new and expanded range of Philips Ultinon LEDs. Offered in cool blue, intense red, intense amber, or 6000K bright white, these advanced LEDs are very durable and long lasting.

They deliver excellent performance and the added benefit of a customized look. The advanced technology of Ultinon LEDs provides excellent light distribution with a wide angle and proper light diffusion, so drivers can easily see and be seen.

Call your distributor or Lumileds rep today. www.philips.com/automotive or call 1-800-257-6054


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