U.S. automotive aftermarket e-tailing channel to grow to $28B by 2020

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The trend of buying aftermarket products online is increasing at a growth rate of three times more than the total aftermarket (excluding tires and accessories), and the auto care industry must adapt and evolve in order to win on the online superhighway.

To help the industry take advantage of this growth, the Auto Care Association has compiled new research in its latest report, Disruptive Trends Shaping the Future of the Auto Care Industry: E-Tailing 2018.

The 2017 e-tailing market, excluding tires and accessories, was $15 billion. The expected CAGR through 2020 is 9 percent.

Total e-commerce via public websites and e-procurement via proprietary systems for professionals are valued at more than $50 billion, and will grow much faster than the overall aftermarket through 2020.1 Disruption to traditional brick-and-mortar distribution and the growth of consolidated e-tail channels, could bring pricing pressure and transparency, but also bring new opportunities for growth.

The new report provides a comprehensive analysis of DIY and DIFM customer behavior, the implications of the e-tailing penetration in the auto care industry and strategies to avoid price erosion and disruptions. The report also includes research on:

Disruptive Trends Shaping the Future of the Auto Care Industry: E-Tailing 2018

  • Emerging trends in the auto care industry;
  • Auto care industry market size, growth and segmentation;
  • Key market trends;
  • Sales per channel;
  • DIY market size, growth, penetration and purchasing decision drivers;
  • DIFM market size, growth, e-tailer vs. retailer value propositions;
  • E-tailing penetration implications, strategies and comparative analysis;
  • Case studies;

Additionally, included in the report is a teaser on three additional digital disruptors that are projected to create a transformative $30 billionopportunity in the auto care industry by 2030. These disruptions will be detailed in future reports under the Disruptive Trends Shaping the Future of the Auto Care Industry series.

The digital report is now available to Auto Care Association members for $499 and to non-members for $1,599. To learn more or to purchase this publication today, visit digital.autocare.org/etailing2018.



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