Transit launches ride control line

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Transit, a prominent auto parts manufacturer and distributor in Eastern Canada, is launching TMC, a new line of shock absorbers.

TMC shock absorbers adjust dynamically to road conditions, keeping the vehicle’s motion in check for the safety and comfort of all passengers.

Equipped with a chrome-plated steel piston rod for maximal corrosion-resistance and world-class NBR rubber oil seals for dependable impermeability, TMC uses only the highest quality materials.

Transit president Stephan Guay said: “Keeping a moving vehicle’s weight transfer in check and ensuring the driver maintains control over ride and handling at all times is first and foremost a matter of safety.

So we had the best engineers in the business design and test our TMC shocks to ensure a
reliable outcome at a reasonable price.” Beyond being sturdy and durable, TMC offers coverage for a vast array of applications.

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About Transit Inc.

Transit is the largest automotive parts manufacturer and distributor in Eastern Canada. Founded in 1971 in Lévis, Quebec, it now has eight branches, from Newfoundland to Ontario. Transit offers a wide selection of premium quality automotive parts, accessories and tools, and owns over 26 trademarks in its product portfolio including Unitool.

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