The easy way to sell wipers

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A simple solution to creating more wiper blade sales and maximizing profitability begins and ends with OE fit and trouble-free inventory.

That’s what your shops need and that’s what they’ll get with Continental’s ClearContact Premium Beam Wiper Blade program.

Made specifically for professional technicians, ClearContact wiper blades come fitted with the right connection needed for the vehicle and don’t need any adapters. Nothing beats a fast and simple one-step installation in delivering extra value to your customers.

The ClearContact program features a strategic mix of front windshield part numbers that can easily fit over 94% of passenger cars and light trucks that come in for service.

Continental offers 14 front blades in lengths from 15 to 28 inches and 19 rear wiper blades in lengths from 10 to 16 inches.

ClearContact wipers feature an advanced beam design that maintains an even pressure on the blade from edge to edge for a consistent wiping performance, while an exclusive dual-point coupler helps eliminate streaking.

The blade’s state-of-the-art composition resists UV light and harsh environmental conditions to remain flexible and provide an exceptionally long service life.



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