The E.R.I. Group announces education award winners

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The award to provide financial assistance and encouragement to individuals who wish to further their education or training, has been presented to applicants from E.R.I. member companies for the past 18 years.

Ms. Ashton Aumen, Ms. Michaela Rowlinson, Mr. Carson McComb, Mr. Jackson Blonde, Ms. Marie-Pier Bélanger and Ms. Rylie Powell were each presented with a $1,000 cheque to help further their education. We congratulate each of them on their success and wish them well in their chosen vocations. We also applaud all of our applicants this year with furthering their training or education.

Ashton Aumen

Ashton Aumen of Duncan, British Columbia is attending her second year of undergraduate studies at the University of Victoria. Ashton is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences and will be applying to the Recreation and Health Education program in the spring of 2019.


Michaela Rowlinson

Michaela Rowlinson of Edmonton, Alberta is enrolled in her second year of a four-year program at the University of Alberta for the study of Kinesiology. Michaela hopes to apply her degree towards her chosen career as a Kinesiologist.

Carson McComb

Carson McComb of Brandon, Manitoba is attending his first year of a four-year program at Brandon University in pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree in Science. Following his undergraduate studies, Carson is planning on continuing his education at medical school to become a Doctor of Medicine possibly specializing in sports medicine.

Jackson Blonde

Jackson Blonde of Chatham, Ontario has completed his Bachelor of Science specializing in Neuroscience. Jackson is entering his first year of a four-year Doctor of Medicine Program at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University.

Marie-Pier Bélanger

Marie-Pier Bélanger of Montréal, Québec is entering her final term in the Bachelors of Sociology program at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). Marie-Pier’s goal is to pursue a career in teaching.

Rylie Powell of Collina, New Brunswick is enrolled in her first year of a three year program of Dental Hygiene, Health Sciences at Algonquin College in Ottawa. Rylie is hoping to achieve her goal of pursuing a career as a Dental Hygienist.

The E.R.I. Group and the Richard Miller Scholarship Selection Committee are very pleased to be able to help recognize deserving individual members of the E.R.I. family who are motivated to improve their potential for personal fulfillment and make a meaningful contribution to society.

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