The AAM Group adds to Engine Pro team

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The AAM Group, which recently assumed operational oversight of the Engine Pro program, is pleased to announce the hiring of Alan Stevenson and the promotion of Steven Perrotta to expand the program’s product management and marketing capabilities.

Stevenson, who brings 30 years of experience in the high performance internal engine world, most recently served JE Pistons for 17 years in roles such as Product Manager, Sales Manager and Senior Technical Manager. 

As Product Manager for Engine Pro, he will work to stabilize margins, work with existing and new global suppliers and negotiate terms of sale to benefit Engine Pro’s customers and shareholders. 

In particular, the role will prioritize line growth over the short and long terms.

“The world of internal engines has been the entire focus of my career as well as a lifelong passion, and I’m honored to bring that focus to such a strong and respected brand like Engine Pro,” Stevenson said. 

“With AAM assuming management over the Engine Pro program, we now have the benefit of a full-time, fully dedicated Product Manager with the support of the program’s Product and Marketing Committees.”

In his role as Marketing Leader, Perrotta will work to bring Engine Pro into the existing portfolio of AAM Group marketing programs, integrating tools and services that make sense for shops in the engine performance industry as well as devising new solutions that address the particular concerns of those business owners. 

Perrotta, who previously served AAM as a Marketing Specialist, will also create and execute an ongoing strategy to generate exposure and influence for Engine Pro supplier partners and the program’s private label brand.

“I’m excited to start bringing the same marketing and technology advantages that our truck and performance accessories reseller partners have long enjoyed to the Engine Pro network of speed shops, engine builders and similar specialty entrepreneurs,” Perrotta said. 

“I’ll be working to better connect those business owners with our Engine Pro supporting suppliers and members as well as help them find more success in their local markets.”

About The AAM Group

Automotive Accessories Marketing USA, Inc. (The AAM Group) is the largest distribution group in the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) marketplace.  Now in its 35th year, the corporation was founded by eight high performance warehouse distributors that sought to achieve cooperative scaled purchasing and marketing advantages.  The AAM Group now counts 27 member-companies operating 76 distribution centers throughout North America.


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