Tenneco suspension components on all-electric I-PACE

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The new Jaguar I-PACE all-electric luxury crossover SUV, recently named 2019 Canadian Utility Vehicle of the Year, features Tenneco Inc. passive front and rear dampers and coil and air spring suspension modules, engineered to improve ride performance and stability.

“Our innovative suspension modules, like those featured on the new Jaguar I-PACE, are designed to meet each vehicle’s ride and handling targets as well as specific packaging requirements,” said Neville Rudd, senior vice president, Tenneco Global Ride Control. “These suspension modules incorporate designs and materials that offer important benefits for all-electric vehicles such as lightweighting, underbody space savings and simplified vehicle integration.”

Reducing overall vehicle weight is critical to the efficient operation of electric powertrains, which can be heavier compared to traditional internal combustion engine powertrains. Tenneco’s suspension modules include plastic spring seats, an aluminum top mount and other lightweight components that can help offset the weight of electric motors and batteries, offering improved vehicle performance.

Tenneco will supply the vehicle’s suspension components and modules from its manufacturing facilities in Sint-Truiden, Belgium (front passive dampers); Hodkovice, Czech Republic (rear passive dampers and rear modules); and Birmingham, U.K. (front air & coil module assembly).

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