Stant marks 120th anniversary

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Stant has kicked off a year-long celebration of 120 years of excellence and innovation, it was announced by Gary Masse, CEO of Stant Corporation.

“Throughout the coming year, Stant Corporation will proudly celebrate 120 years of providing best-to-market products to our valued customers,” said Masse. “As we mark this major milestone, we not only honour the accomplishments of the past, but renew our focus on the future with a continued commitment to leadership and innovation.”

Founded in 1898 in Connersville, Indiana, the George Stant Machine Works company quickly gained notoriety in the emerging automotive industry for quality engine repair, and George Stant’s innovative method of automating the production of piano tuning pins coupled with his expertise at copper, nickel and silver plating enhanced the company’s reputation.

Following World War I, Stant Machine Company, Inc. began designing and manufacturing auto parts, including the two-piece radiator cap. This unique product innovation ensured proper alignment of the radiator ornament and the external motor-meter temperature gauge. By the 1910s, Stant had also become a leading supplier of high quality hood ornaments, producing such classics as the renowned flying quail ornament for Ford and ornamental caps for Lincoln, Packard, Pierce-Arrow and Cadillac models.

Today, Stant Corporation has evolved into the foremost global supplier of vapour management systems, fuel delivery systems, thermal management systems and engineering services, and holds over 150 patents for technology and innovation. As part of the company’s anniversary festivities, Stant has developed a special 120th anniversary logo to mark the occasion and will conduct employee appreciation events at each of its manufacturing locations worldwide.

“We are very fortunate to celebrate 120 years in business,” continued Masse. “That longevity is not only a testament to our outstanding employees, past and present, but to the solid partnerships we have developed with our customers throughout the years.”

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