Spectra Premium launches new e-catalogue

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Spectra Premium Mobility Solutions has announce the launch of the new version of its electronic catalogue.

Spectra Premium Mobility Solutions has announced the launch of the new version of its electronic catalogue with better usability and updated design.

The new Spectra Premium Mobility Solutions e-cat is the culmination of more than a year of tireless efforts by the company’s web development team.

The project’s main objective is to facilitate the use of the catalogue for all customers. The web team also took the opportunity to update the design of the catalogue with a more attractive and intuitive visuals.

“We are very proud to launch the new version of our electronic catalogue,” said Martin Brazeau, Vice President of Aftermarket Products.

“It offers our customers a consistent experience that is adapted to their needs and will simplify the purchasing process. The update of this tool will allow Spectra to further differentiate itself in the market regarding online ordering tools. Given that our catalogue has already received accolades, we want to continue to move in this direction by offering a customer-focused platform.”

The rework includes various improvements, such as a new and clean interface focused on parts and better optimization for mobile users.

The new catalogue contains more information about the parts and is faster than the previous version due to simplified parts search and shopping cart and reduced web page loading time.

These features form the core of this complete redesign which aims to be an improvement on all levels.

Visit the new e-catalogue HERE

About Spectra Premium Mobility Solutions

Spectra Premium Mobility Solutions (www.spectrapremium.com) designs, manufactures and markets technologies supporting sustainable mobility. Key markets are aftermarket repair parts in North America, and OEM systems for conventional light, heavy and industrial vehicles as well as hybrid and electric vehicles. It deploys engineering and manufacturing expertise in key processes such as metal transformation, heat transfer and electronics. The company’s over 700 dedicated employees are the cornerstone of our innovation and exceptional customer service.


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