Spectra-Premium adds active grille shutters

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As part of its second-quarter product release featuring 105 new products, Spectra Premium launches a new cooling product line with the introduction of 15 Active Grille Shutters (AGS) part numbers for close to 12 million vehicles on the road today.

Spectra-premium active grille shutters

Located between the front grille and the condenser, the active grille shutters are plastic shutters that open or close to control the inbound airflow. Restricting the airflow improves fuel economy by helping the engine to warm up and reducing drag at high-speed. This recent technological development has been in use in cars (like the Dodge Dart) and light trucks (like the Ram 1500 and Ford F150) for a few years.

“The addition of the new AGS product line complements our prominent presence in the market for cooling system products, particularly in terms of collision repair parts,” explained Eric Renaud, Corporate Director, Category Management, Aftermarket. “The greater trend in the automotive market is toward innovations that improve energy efficiency, and it’s important for us that our product offering matches these technological advances.”

Also for the cooling system, Spectra Premium adds six new late-model radiators for popular domestic and imported models, like the CU13584 fitting over a million 18-16 Toyota RAV4 on the road in North America today.

Furthermore, Spectra Premium introduced its third multifunction air intake sensor (MA389) that covers more than 9 million popular domestic vehicles in operation in North America such as 16-12 Buick Enclave, 16-13 Cadillac Escalade, among others. This new addition joins the previous MA394 and MA321 part numbers to present the first true aftermarket solution for that technology.

Among the 105 new parts, 22 are first-to-market products, notably 10 filler neck hoses, two fuel modules, two lock rings and one set of fuel tank straps to broaden the fuel delivery category. Other first-to-market products include five HVAC heater cores and two oil pans.

For the complete list of the product release, visit the home page of our electronic catalogue: http://ecat.spectrapremium.com/.


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