Spark Auto Electric steps up for suppliers

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Pictured from Spark Auto and Bestbuy Distributors Tony Bintas, Dimitri Bintas, Nick Bintas, Jeff VandeSande (Bestbuy) , Jim Bintas, Stavros Bintas, Peter Bintas, Andy Murphy (Bestbuy), Scott Stone (Bestbuy), and Steven Bintas.

Jobbers across Canada are certainly known for being generous to their communities and appreciative of their customers. The really best also value their supplier partnerships.

Bestbuy shareholder and ACDelco distributor Spark Auto Electric, located in Toronto, Ontario’s Scarborough community has made a point of providing on-site training throughout the year for its loyal customer base, and has taken the opportunity during the holiday season to show its appreciation for their suppliers.

“In the Christmas spirit we host a lunch for our staff and in the last three or four years we have extended it to our suppliers,” says Nick Bintas, partner in the family-owned business. “It has just grown every year. Every year more and more of our suppliers want to attend and it’s great.

“We host a Greek lunch, being from Greek heritage, it’s a good time and it’s nice to see everybody getting along.”

Pictured from Spark Auto and ACDelco: Dimitri Bintas, Peter Bintas, John Pederson (ACDelco), Nick Bintas, Joe De Stefano (ACDelco), Stavros Bintas, Jim Bintas, and Kevin Brimble (ACDelco).

Spark Auto is located close to Toronto’s Greektown area so the hardy portions of souvlaki, rice, potatoes and other delicious Greek desserts seemed a natural fit, and has become a draw for both the training events and the employee and supplier appreciation lunch.

Bintas says they had toyed with the idea of bringing in a different menu, but the traditional spread has become an expected treat.

Suppliers certainly appreciate being hosted as a group, but without the pressure of having end-user customers in attendance. Many members of the supplier community have known each other for a long time and enjoyed the opportunity to relax for an hour or two and catch up in a casual atmosphere. Dozens of supplier reps attended this year’s luncheon.

“With the shops what we do for our technician customers is a lot of training. And we also bring in lots of Greek food so there’s a big turn out four times a year or so, bringing in good training from ACDelco. So we reach out to our customers that way.”

Spark Auto, which is now on the cusp of bringing in the third generation from the Bintas family, has become an integral part of the aftermarket in east Toronto, and Bintas takes pride in continuing to be a long-standing, family-owned business that brings quality parts to the market, and a tradition of top-level service to its customers.

He knows that suppliers and staff are a big part of making their continued success a reality.

“For the Christmas lunch that we host we want to extend our thank you to our staff and to our suppliers that are such a big part of our business.”


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