Drag racing wheels earn PRI award

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Forgeline’s new Forged Monoblock Single Beadlock and 18 x 5.0 Forged Monoblock “Skinnies” drag racing wheels earned Global Media Awards at the 2019 PRI Show.

Developed for drag racing applications, the wheels offer strong, lightweight construction and, in the case of the new Forged Monoblock Single Beadlock wheel, the assurance of positive wheel-and-tire engagement in extreme-performance conditions.

drag racing wheels

“We are extremely proud that both of these new, innovative wheel designs have been recognized for Global Media Awards at the PRI Show,” said Forgeline president Dave Schardt. “Our Forgeline team continues to demonstrate that everything is possible through dedication and a commitment to innovation.” 

PRI’s Global Media Awards program recognizes products for their likely interest by a worldwide motorsports audience, as determined by a panel of racing and performance journalists from around the world. Forgeline’s new wheels were highlighted for the contribution to drag racing performance.

The one-piece, forged aluminum Forged Monoblock Single Beadlock wheels attach to the tire via a locking ring and 21 fasteners. Offered in GS1R Beadlock and CF1 Open Lug Beadlock designs, these new wheels limit unwanted tire slip against the wheel with lower tire pressures – particularly on a hard launch – and prevent the tire from unseating at high speeds. They also feature a one-piece design, with no welding or assembly fasteners; and are designed to provide excellent brake system clearance for vehicles featuring large-diameter brake rotors.

Complementing the beadlock wheels are the new, GS1R 18 x 5.0 Forged Monoblock Skinnies, which feature one-piece, forged monoblock construction of proprietary 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. They are optimized for drag racing front-wheel applications, which not only includes the unique narrow forging, but a full set of revised performance metrics to make the 18 x 5.0-inch GS1R “Skinny”.

As with Forgeline’s road-racing wheels, the new Monoblock Beadlock and “Skinny” wheels are custom-made for each customer and are available in any color or finish.

Order and dealer information are available at www.forgeline.com


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