Schaeffler’s new packaging highlights company and brands

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Schaeffler’s Automotive Aftermarket division has announced new global packaging for parts and repair solutions.

A mix of the new and proven characterize the reworked design, which is being introduced in a step-by-step process to the product packaging of Schaeffler’s Automotive Aftermarket division. The packages now have large, high-quality and photo-realistic pictures of individual products and complete repair solutions. And for the first time, an additional focus has been put on the umbrella brand Schaeffler, which is prominently displayed directly over each of the product pictures.

Each package has a band printed on it that ensures distribution partners and garages can continue to identify each product brand quickly. This band is the color of each product brand – LuK in its typical yellow, the INA brand in green and FAG in red. The product name on each package is in ten languages as well.

“With us, you’ll find high quality in every detail – from a single clutch, all the way to accessory parts like the screws and bolts delivered in many of our repair solutions,” said Rouven Daniel, Director Marketing and Communications at Schaeffler’s Automotive Aftermarket division. “And it’s precisely this commitment to quality that we are expressing in our new packaging design. In addition, our Automotive Aftermarket organization moved closer to the Schaeffler Group when it was established as a stand-alone division on 1 January 2018. Seen clearly now on our product packaging, therefore, is our umbrella brand Schaeffler, which will continue to be strengthened by the familiarity of our established product brands. But at the same time, we are making sure that our product brands, and the attributes associated with them, remain recognizable at garages and distributors.”

In accordance with its sustainability strategy “Responsibility for tomorrow,” Schaeffler chose the materials and manufacturing of the new packaging with a focus on high environmental standards. All packages are easy to dispose of and recycle.


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