Roof rack works at the touch of a button

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The new Exposed Racks (EXR) Click-In rack attachment system allows owners to add and remove roof rack accessories with just the push of a button.

While most roof rack accessories have thumbscrew fasteners that can require a minute or more each to install or remove, the EXR Click-In connectors allow mounts and accessories to be installed or removed in seconds.

EXR roof rack

The EXR Click-In system works with all EXR Multi-function Crossbars, including EXR Tent Racks. The Click-In connectors allow for fast and easy removal of EXR rack accessories including EXR Multipurpose Racks as well as 13 different EXR Universal Mounting Brackets.

With the EXR Click-In system, EXR Multi-function Crossbars can quickly switch between carrying paddle / surf boards, bikes, roof top awnings, skis, snowboards, canoes, fishing rods, paddles, kayaks, lumber, storage bins, roof top tents, and more.

According to George Schafer, Founder of Exposed Racks, “Our motto is ‘Carry Anything,’ and our Click-In attachment system lets people do just that. People want to be able to get the most out of their rack investment, and the speed of Click-In connectors make it easy to switch accessories to enable whatever activity they have in mind. With the launch of our new Click-In connectors and universal mounting brackets, just about every need can be accommodated. Whether its recreation, home remodeling, or carrying professional gear, the EXR Click-In system, and EXR Multi-function Crossbars deliver unmatched versatility and fast operation.”

EXR Click-In pins, mounting hardware, and crossbars are made from heavy duty carbon steel, acid washed, electroplated and powder-coated for maximum durability. EXR crossbars are among the strongest on the market – so strong that their total weight capacity is limited not by their strength, but rather by the vehicle’s capabilities, suspension, and OEM-specified maximum limits. The EXR CLICK-IN SYSYEM is Patent Pending.



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